This is our Akiko we adopted her from the South Los Angeles
Animal Shelter.
     The owner of Akiko's mom dropped mom and 5 one week old
puppies off at the shelter. Only Akiko and 1 litter mate brother survived.
    We met the owners who adopted her brother, they were a very nice
     It can be a heart breaking experience and a very joyful experience
adopting from a Los Angeles City shelter.
     If you also adopted a dog or cat from a Los Angeles City
Animal shelter.
     Akiko & I would like to Thank You for doing the "right thing" and
offer you $40.00 off your first grooming appointment.
    Whether you adopted a cat or dog. Please show us your receipt from
the Los Angeles City shelter.
       Call to schedule your appointment
 Penelope's Mobile Grooming Spa
           (310) 733-8948